General / 25 May 2020

2020 hasn't gone exactly how I planned it.

However, it's forced me to get more creative. I submit to you the latest creation!


Convention over! On to 2020!

General / 03 December 2019

2019 was an interesting chapter in my life. I started doing pixel art. Started doing conventions and now here I am. I've already updated the meet up page to reflect the current conventions I'm signed up on. Keep an eye, it's going to grow!

Northeast Comic Con was fun, albeit shortened by the winter storm. Met some awesome people, and some awesome artists (the two aren't exclusive). Lots of things to look forward to, but time to get back to the grind and make some art! See you all soon!

- Helk


We're ready for Northeast Comic Con!

General / 26 November 2019

We're ready, and I hope you are too!

I'll actually be spending Friday night at the convention, so if you're there, let me know! Would love to meet up!

Take care!


Utilization of this blog -- Updates!

General / 17 November 2019

Hey all!

I've have slowed down on some pieces, due to family life being a bit busier, but! it does not mean I'm stopping.

If anything, it means I'm going to put in extra work for this. My aim is to get 2-3 pieces done a month, along with just improvement along the way.

Northeast Comic Con in Boxborough, MA starts on Black Friday, and runs 3 days, so be sure to stop on by and say hi! This will be my last convention of 2019, so I'm hoping it will be great! What a year! Started doing conventions in March, and with some troubleshooting along the way, have transformed in to what I am today! Still a lot to learn, I've already booked a couple of cons for 2020, and hopefully, I'll be able to do even more!

As we roll in to the holidays, a lot is going to go down. I have a trip to Japan in January, so that should be a lot of fun, and I hope to get a lot of inspiration for some pieces while there. Our focus is on Tokyo, as last time we went we tried to experience everything. Expect pictures and posts to occur, and maybe a piece of art or two!

Anyways, this is has been a bit winding of post, but I wanted to hit the major points. I'll be posting here more regularly, hopefully. Until the next time!

- Helk


Still out here, but made Luffy!

General / 09 January 2019

Still on the ship, but still practicing.

Hope you all enjoy the pixel Luffy I managed to get done while in Honduras. Take care all!


Vacation time! But still doing some pixel art!

General / 02 January 2019

Hey everyone!

I'm going on vacation this weekend, but I fully intend to still get some pixel art in. We'll be on a cruise, so I'm thinking more One Piece portraits...

It's been really fun to dive this hard in to pixel art and see what I can make.

Anyways, I'm off!